Sprint: HTC Hero and Samsung Moment Ineligible for Android 2.2 Upgrade

Pulkit Chandna

Nexus One owners were the first to receive the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update a few days ago, and owners of other Android devices are likely to receive it in the next few weeks. However, a few Android users will find themselves in limbo as not all devices are going to support Froyo. You can now add HTC Hero and Samsung Moment  to the list of phones ineligible for the update.

A Sprint employee revealed in a blog post that the carrier is close to updating HTC EVO 4G phones to Android 2.2. “HTC EVO 4G will receive the 2.2 update, Samsung Moment and HTC Hero will not. Future devices launching with 2.1 also will be updated to 2.2,” he wrote. The same was later reiterated by the company in a tweet: “"HTC EVO will be updated to Android 2.2; Samsung Moment & HTC Hero will not. Future devices launching w/ 2.1 will be also be updated to 2.2."

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