Sprint Dropping Unlimited Tethering Data in November

Ryan Whitwam

It looks like mobile broadband use is about to get a bit more pricey on what used to be the last bastion of unlimited data, Sprint. The carrier has confirmed rumors that it plans to move away from truly unlimited 4G data for its Wi-Fi hotspot and tethering plans. Most users will be subject to a 5GB cap starting in November .

Unlike other carriers that have moved to tiered data, Sprint seems to be applying the new policy to existing and new customers alike. There will no longer be the separation of 3G and 4G data for mobile broadband cards, but users will get tiers of 3, 5, or 10GB total usage depending on how much 3G data their plan previously included (WiMAX was previously unlimited).

Sprint has opted not to do overages in chunks like AT&T does, but rather to charge per megabyte. On-network overages will be billed at $0.05 per MB, and roaming will be $0.25 per MB. Sprint users feel free to rage down below.

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