Spotify Unveils Third-Party Apps

Brad Chacos

Spotify may be one of the more successful streaming music services around, but man , the company is tweaking and adding features like it has something to prove. Spotify’s only been available in the U.S. since this summer, and since then, they’ve added mandatory Facebook registration for rookie users (which kind of sucks) and six months of free, unlimited tunes for newcomers (which is awesome). Last week, CEO Daniel Ek promised a big change was coming to Spotify, and today, he unveiled it: external devs can now create apps that link in to the service using "The Spotify Platform."

Six apps are available to launch the new service : and We Are Hunted can suggest songs for your listening pleasure, while Rolling Stone, The Guardian, and Pitchfork provide “expert tips,” whatever the heck that means. On a more functional note, the Songkick app will tip you off if one of your favorite artists is playing nearby, and TuneWiki will display the lyrics from the song you’re listening to, perfectly synced to the music. You’ll be able to add those apps – and more, in the future – via an “Apps” listing in Spotify’s left-hand sidebar. It’s not appearing in our Spotify just yet, though, so we can’t offer up an opinion on whether the initial apps are full of win or weaksauce.

Do third party apps make Spotify a more attractive streaming service for you? Might you actually be tempted to whip up an account, forced Facebook integration and all?

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