Spotify Offers Students Half Off Premium Streaming Plan

Paul Lilly

Special price for students

Looking for another reason to go back to school? Think of the discounts! We're seeing a growing trend in special student pricing for a variety of products and services, such as Razer's 20 percent promotion on 2013 model Blade laptops and Amazon's Prime service. Even Spotify is sharing the love with students -- if you're in school, you can subcribe to the company's ad-free premium service for $4.99 per month , which is half off the regular price.

Spotify doesn't come right out and say the deal is limited to college students, though that's clearly the intended audience based on the way it's set up. Once activated, the student discount remains in effect for 12 consecutive months, which Spotify calls a "Discount Period." After 12 months, pricing will revert to the full cost, or you can activate another Discount Period up to three additional times. If you go all four years, you can save up to around $240 -- enough to buy a textbook these days.

It's not clear how many Student Discounts will be made available, only that there are a "limited number" while supplies last, Spotify said .

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