Spotify Might Come in a Different Package When it Hits the US

Ryan Whitwam

Spotify is the sort of streaming digital music service you’ve probably been waiting for. Unless you also happen to be European, you’ll have to wait a while longer. The desktop and mobile apps can only be downloaded and used in several European countries at this time.

Spotify is scheduled to launch in the US later this year, or early 2010, but the details of how it will work stateside are still up in the air. In Europe the free version is ad supported, and the ad-free version runs €10 (about $16.60) per month. Due to the competition Spotify faces in the US from services like Pandora, the London based firm is considering a single “freemium” service. Users would be able to pay for specific features.

The service allows users to browse and play any of over 6 million tracks. It even supports offline caching for those times when an Internet connection isn’t available. There is no word yet on the fate of these details for a US release. Licensing negotiations are currently all that stand in the way of US access.

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