Spotify Lifts Six Month Unlimited Listening Restriction On Free Accounts

Brad Chacos

Spotify users who signed up for the service right around the time of the Facebook login requirement have been counting down a musical doomsday clock since then -- the imminent ending of their six months of free, ad-supported songs. Spotify has always maintained that it would have to cut listeners down to 10 hours of gratis music per month after six months of freeloading. Today, the company changed its tune. To celebrate its ninth month anniversary in the U.S., Spotify announced it would let the ad-supported good times continue to roll.

How long the offer will stand is up in the air -- Spotify didn't mention any sort of new time constraints in its announcement. "We’ve been so overwhelmed by the US response to Spotify that we’ve extended the honeymoon for unlimited free listening." That's the extent of the details.

Free accounts get interrupted by the occasional ad and are limited to PC listening; signing up for a $5/mo. account ditches the ads, while the $10/mo. plan opens up higher-quality tracks, an offline mode, and the ability to listening to Spotify on mobile phones or other compatible devices (like Sonos or Squeezebox).

It's a thoughtful move from the streaming music service, but the silly "Facebook account required for signup" thing still hovers over Spotify like a specter. Does even more free music make you more likely to check Spotify out, or is forced Facebook entry just a bit too much?

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