Spooky New Halloween Update Now Available in Terraria

Brittany Vincent

Goodie Bags, spooky costumes, and Pumpkin Moon events await

Terraria fans can get in on some ghoulish fun with the Halloween update available to PC players. We detailed this world-building adventure recently in our Most Relaxing PC Games list, so if you haven't snapped it up yet, now's a great time.

Terraria's Halloween event comes packed with Halloween pets, gear, new NPCs, and spooky costumes to get you into the spirit of the season. Enemies will drop goodie bags, and your in-game world will undergo some spooky transformations to match the Halloween festivities going on in the real world.

If those aren't enough creepy treats for you, developer Redigit was kind enough to include a "Pumpkin Moon Event" that can be activated in hard mode -- fight off different waves of enemies according to the phase of the grinning Pumpkin Moon high in the night sky.

Get your Halloween on in Terraria until November 10th, and come back and let us know what kind of spoils you had in your Goodie Bags.

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