Spire Meta


If you’re planning on taking your 17-inch notebook to the top of Kilimanjaro, look no further than the Spire Meta. This bruiser of a backpack, weighing nearly six pounds when completely empty, is so cavernous that we recommend you keep small children away from it, lest they wander inside and become unable to find their way out.

Why would you want something the size of a small refrigerator on your shoulders? Storage space and security. The Meta has more cargo space than any other bag we tested, with three giant primary storage areas plus a dedicated ultra-padded sleeve for your 17-inch laptop. Frankly, it’s not too tough to fit four 17-inch laptops in the pack. This isn’t a bag for the guy going to a LAN party. This is a bag for the guy who is the LAN party.

As you might expect, the styling is utilitarian (with a full chest and waist harness for when things get really heavy), though the Meta is far from ugly. That said, it’s hardly the right bag for a jaunt to the coffee shop… unless you’re heading to Kenya to pick the beans yourself.

Month Reviewed: December 2006
Verdict: 7
URL: www.spireusa.com

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