Spin It to Win It with Hercules DJ Console 4-MX

Paul Lilly

Hercules wants you to tap into your inner DJ Jazzy Jeff with its new DJ Console line, the DJ Console 4-Mx . Only this one's far more high-tech than anything the old-school rapper might have used.

The DJ Console 4-Mx sports a pair of large jog wheels, both of which come equipped with a touch sensor. There's also a built-in audio interface that purportedly makes it a breeze hook up your existing audio gear, as well as the ability to control two or four virtual decks.

Other features include a backlit indicator on each jog wheel, sturdy design, customizable controls, four RCA connectors, four mono jack connectors, and one stero jack connector.

You'll want to line up some paying gigs before picking this up -- it will sell for $450 starting November 22, 2010.

Image Credit: Hercules

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