SpecOps' WC2 System Plus iKey's KYB-170-OEM Keyboard Equals Battle Ready PC

Paul Lilly

We have a tough time envisioning Mad Max wearing Nintendo's original Power Glove ( even if it is "so bad" ), but we could totally see Mel Gibson darting around the desert armed with SpecOps's new "wearable computer technology to provide enhanced situational awareness of the battle space for military soldiers to use in the field." Sounds as wicked as it looks, doesn't it?

"We saw that iKey had experience with the military and they had a unit similar to what we wanted," said Caroline Tucker, Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development for SpecOps Systems. "The thing that impressed us the most about iKey was that we told them what we needed, and quickly had a conference call to discuss the details. Literally, within 24 hours, we had a prototype drawing. It was this focus on the customer that led us to go with iKey rather than any other vendor - we knew we had found a vendor who embraced our requirements."

That discussion led to the KYB-170-OEM, an ultra-compact plank measuring just 2.55 x 2.75 x 0.22 inches. There's a 17-key keypad crammed onto the sleeve that SpecOps says functions just like a cellphone does when texting. It also comes with an integrated micro Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) pointing device, which can be made with any color LED for use in the dark, a pretty important trait in a post-apocalyptic world.

No word yet on when this one will move out of the working prototype stage, but SpecOps did say it's currently testing the unit both in theater and stateside.

Image Credit: SpecOps

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