Special Edition Star Wars Xbox 360 Coming This Spring

Ryan Whitwam

On April 3rd of this very year, we know exactly where you can find the droids you’re looking for. Microsoft is releasing a special edition Xbox 360 console done up to look like the iconic droids from the Star Wars movies. The system was first teased at last year’s Comic Con. The bundle comes with the system and a few Kinect-related extras for $449.

Buyers will get a 320GB console painted to resemble R2-D2, and a controller with a C-3PO gold finish. The box also includes a Kinect sensor and two games; Star Wars Kinect and Kinect Adventures. The latter has been around for since the Kinect launched, but Star Wars Kinect has five game modes plucked from the Star Wars saga. There are podraces, lightsaber duels, Galactic Dance-off (for some reason), and more.

The Xbox 360 is coming toward the end of its life cycle, so the wisdom of getting a new console now is dubious at best. Although, if you’re going to get one, this might be justifiable for the Star Wars fans out there.

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