SpeakerCraft's BoomTomb is Meant to Rock the Earth...from Beneath It

Paul Lilly

As any audiophile can attest, speaker placement is critical if you're serious about audio, and SpeakerCraft's new BoomTomb outdoor subwoofer is seriously meant to be buried in the ground .

That means you don't have worry about hiding it in the bushes or any other inconspicuous location. Just dig a hole, stick it in the earth, and rattle the dead.

"Outdoor audio continues to be a huge category for us," commended David Donald, SpeakerCraft's VP of Marketing. "Adding critical low end reinforcement to our already broad assortment of exterior loudspeakers is a natural progression and a benefit to dealers who are always looking for ways to improve sound quality."

A portion of the sub sticks up above ground so it's not completely out of sight, but it's just a small, hooded port. The hood protects the internal parts from water and debris, while tucked underground sits a dedicated 250W amp.

The BoomTomb will ship in the fourth quarter with pricing still to be announced.

Image Credit: SpeakerCraft

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