Sources Say New Windows 7 PC Buyers Will Be Able To Upgrade To Windows 8 Pro For $15

Brad Chacos

Whenever a new Windows OS rears its head, Microsoft alleviates the concerns of wary would-be PC buyers who may be tempted to put off purchasing a new computer for couple of months by offering them a free upgrade to the soon-to-be-released Windows flavor. That may grind to a halt with Windows 8; several sources say Microsoft will still give recent Windows 7 PC buyers a chance to upgrade, but only if buyers shell out another $14.99.

However, that $14.99 bucks will net users full access to Windows 8 Pro rather than the everyday Windows 8 OS, CNET's Mary Jo Folley and Microsoft-focused reporter Paul Thurrott report. Windows 8 Pro includes geek-friendly features like file encryption and virtualization support. It may seem a bit like double dipping, but according to Foley and Thurrott's sources, the offer will be available to anybody who buys a PC running at least Windows 7 Home Basic after June 2nd -- giving Home Basic buyers very low-cost access to Pro-level features.

So, would you rather Microsoft continue the practice of giving away a base version upgrade for free, or do you prefer this route?

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