Sour Grapes for Apple: No Samsung Ban in the U.S.

Paul Lilly

Shares of Samsung stock are up on Monday after Apple's request to ban U.S. sales of the company's Galaxy products were rejected. Apple has been successful in winning injunctions in foreign countries, in which the Cupertino outfit has accused Samsung of infringing on several of its patents. The U.S. ruling isn't a total win in Samsung's favor, it just means means the company can continue to sell Galaxy smartphones and tablets stateside while the mobile behemoths duke it out in court.

"At this point in the proceedings, although Apple has established a likelihood of success on the merits at trial, there remain close questions regarding the infringement of the accused devices, and Samsung has raised substantial questions regarding the validity of the D’087 patent," the court ruled, according to The Register . "Moreover, Apple has not yet established a likelihood of irreparable harm, and the balance of the equities weigh in favor of Samsung."

Even though Apple could ultimately win the case, the ruling is an important win for Samsung, which skipped ahead of Apple as the world's largest smartphone maker in the third quarter and recently reported record operating profit.

"We believe the legal uncertainties between Samsung and Apple are waning, or put in another way, the situation is turning positive for Samsung," Nomura analyst CW Chung told the Chicago Tribune .

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