Soundcard Interface Woes


I have a problem with my X-Fi Platinum setup. It worked fine on my old Dell 8200, but I recently upgraded my mobo to an EVGA nForce 780i and now the front ports don’t seem to work. What gives? I reinstalled the drivers several times and nothing. The main card works just fine, but the drive bay interface is the whole reason I bought the card in the first place.

—Rocco Nicoletta

Since the card works with the rear ports for both output and input, the Doctor is going to assume it’s something as simple as a loose connection or damaged cable that occurred during the motherboard move. You should power down and unplug your system. Open the side up and find the ribbon cable that goes from the I/O front panel to the X-Fi Platinum. Those old ribbon cables are easy to mess up and plug in incorrectly. Unplug it on both ends and then reconnect, making sure you have firmly plugged into the card and the auxiliary panel. Also, make sure you have the front panel’s four-pin power connector (the same as a floppy drive’s) plugged into the PSU.

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