SOPA Author Says Opponents Lack Credibility

Ryan Whitwam

Texas Representative Lamar Smith was recently interviewed by Reuters about his authorship of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), and the Congressman vociferously defended the legislation. Smith even went so far as to call into question the motives of opponents. It could be said that Smith calling into question the credibility of SOPA opponents is more than a little ironic.

Smith asserted in the interview that Google makes money by advertising on sites that would be blocked by SOPA. For that reason, their motives are suspect. Not much was said of experts on the net who have been attempting to explain the inherent dangers in altering the DNS system as SOPA  would require. Under SOPA, any foreign site found to have copyright infringing material would be blocked in the U.S.. Smith vowed to get the bill through to a scheduled vote later this month.

Reddit announced this week that the site will be going dark for a day next week in protest of the bill. Internet giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have been contemplating doing the same.  Do you think Lamar Smith will get SOPA passed later this month?

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