Sony's Walkman ZX1 Growing in Popularity Despite $700 Price Tag

Paul Lilly

This isn't the Walkman you grew up with

Sony can be considered a pioneer in the portable music player business, and if you lived through the cassette tape era, then there's a good chance you owned a Walkman. Believe it or not, Sony continued to manufacture cassette-based Walkmans in several different markets all the way up through near the end of 2010. While nowhere near as popular as they were in the 1980s an 1990s, Sony's Walkman brand is seeing a bit of a resurgence courtesy of its NWZ-ZX1 , a high-resolution audio player for consumers with deep pockets.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal , Sony's ZX1 is a premium gadget that, despite its heavy $700 price tag, is selling relatively well in Japan, which is not something that can be said about Sony's previous high-end electronics. It quickly sold out after making a debut in Japan and has since launched in Europe and other parts of Asia. No launch date has yet been set for the U.S.

"The message for our designers and engineers was: please create a good product without worrying about the cost," said Kenji Nakada, Sony's sound product planner.

Sony's ZX1 is a comparatively heavy device at 139 grams. It has 128GB of internal storage and plays 24-bit, 193kHz FLAC audio files. It also boasts a 4-inch touchscreen display with an 854x480 resolution, 5-band equalizer, dynamic normalizer, and more.

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