Sony's First Google TV Offering Spotted

Ryan Whitwam

At the Best Buy holiday preview event today, Sony was on hand to show off their upcoming Google TV equipped HDTV . The Sony NSX-46GT1 is a 46-inch set that uses LED edge lighting, and has Google TV baked right into the firmware. The Google TV interface was controlled in the demo with a wireless USB dongle plugged into a rear USB port. Users will be able to use a special Sony remote, or an iOS or Android device to interact with the TV.

Google TV aims to aggregate the video content available both online, and over cable into one place. A user could simply search for what they want, and have the options laid out for them. In addition to the video aggregation features, Google TV will allow users to browse the web with an imbedded Chrome browser (also controlled by remote).

We expect to also see the Google TV service built into some of DirecTV's boxes, and a Logitech standalone device is also on the way. Do you think Google TV will make more sense in your TV, or do you want a box you can move around?

Image via HD Guru

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