Sony Vaio Tap 20 Review



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Tabletesque = likely to be dropped, even if from sofa height

Prop-up stand = likely to go splat when the user botches it

Old-school-spinny-drive = The two aforementioned issues could mean early demise for this device.

1600x900 on 20 inches = *yawn* Make that sucker a 1920x1200, or at least 1080

Like the author said, RAM is cheap. Sony is cheaper.

Nothing to see here. Move along.



Why on Earth deliver any computer to market with less than 1920x1080 and surely it should be hdmi in and out with at least 30fps video camera and at least 8mp stills. These are baseline minimums.

As for "nothing remotely like it" -- the reviewer appears unaware of the market, just google table pc and look at the likes of Asus and Acer for some pretty interesting new machines, there's a "Horizon" for Lenovo ... at 27 inches and two hours of battery life. So there's several vendors producing 20 inch plus battery powered "relocatable" table pc devices running doze 8. Nothing unique about this Sony other than it's late to market with substandard capabilities.


Keith E. Whisman

I can see this hung on the wall in my kitchen where my wife and I can browse the web for recipes and build shopping lists and even maintain the expiration dates on the foods in the fridge. In the living room if it had an HDMI port it could have been a touch screen Media Center with access to my huge music and movie collection and pumping that out to my large screen TV and sound system. There still isn't a perfect system for what I want but with devices like this coming to market my dreams are beginning to be realised regardless of the fact that devices already exist for that, I want simple devices that are intuitive and simple to use and maintain. I want it thin with lots of storage and fast on my WiFi network. I like the size, if there were a 20" Android tablet I would take that over this for what I want.



Perhaps this isn't aimed at me (Enthusiast/power user)

But to me the thought of lugging around a 20 inch HD TV like a shopping basket just doesn't seem any sort of pleasurable...

Give me an 18 inch desktop replacement laptop instead please.