Sony Officially Unveils PSP2, Claims It's As Powerful as a PS3 – And Then Proves It



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PSP2 vs Kal El (Nvidia Tegra 3)


Sony claims that PSP2 is just as powerful as the PS3. Just wait until the quad core Kal El aka Nvidia Tegra 3 comes out!



will this one have a umd drive or will it be like the psp go.



How long, how long did we wait for this second stick? And now, finally, a light has been seen, hope has been delivered, and yet...Sony hides it behind $600... My brothers, this troubles me.



If it can play MGS4 with ease, then yes, I will invest in this...a year after release. That gives time for potential new-release bugs to be made aware of or fixed. But I'm reminded of the Sega Gamegear when I see this, which was awesome in its own right



They say it's as powerful as a PS3, but they are touting these games on a 5 inch screen. Are you trying to tell me this thing can be hooked up to my tv to play crysis 2 in 1080p? I don't think so...If so, I think nvidia should learn from these guys how to make GPU's use less power and make less heat haha.



I can't see how this can sell for under $500. Honestly I'm thinking the $599 price is going to be just about right.



well there is a petition for EA about the DLC matter here it is if you're interested



I can see it now. This new handleheld is finally going where it should be. It should have built in bluetooth that you can connect controllers to and an hdmi out so that you can hook it up to your television at home. Of course if this is what sony has in mind they aren't going to make it that easy on customers. I gaurantee that there will be some type of docking station you have to buy in order for it to be used with your television and controllers. I read that they are getting rid of the old disks and sticking with a flash memory card. With the price of flash based media being so low I wouldn't be suprised to see the next generation of xbox, playstation, and nintendo doing the same thing. It's funny to see them push this though because it seems like they would be losing potential business. Flash disks or readers are less likely to break than optical disk readers. This means that less people will have to send their consoles in for repair, or buy a second copy of a game because theirs is too scratched.



Don't forget that Sony will also update and improve the new handleheld by removing features it once had, just like they did for the PS3. 



i think this device will change portable gaming as we know it.  I personally am looking for something that has between a 5" and 7" screen size, front and rear facing cameras, 3g and HDMI. A phoneblet would be nice. I am impressed with the EVO and the Galaxy Tab. However they are the first of many to come. I'm just holding on to see what Acer, and Asus have to bring to the table. I think it's a shame about the Dell Streak phone.  tsk tsk tsk 


Keith E. Whisman

I'll take that PSP2 or NGP thing over the 3DS unless I can get both. I just don't like Nintendo games anymore. I enjoyed Nintendo games when I was a kid but quickly out grew them as Nintendo competitors started making great games with physically realistic characters and the graphical world you play in. That's what drew me over to PC gaming was better graphics and more realism. More believable.