Sony Granted Restraining Order Against Modder Geohot



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You can hack/jailbreak your devices all you want, but when you release the information publicly to enable more piracy then you have a problem. I'm a big supporter of consumer rights but the people who support this guy are clearly dense. If he was smart he'd have kept the code to himself and his group, but they decided to go release it so others could create pirated discs that pass as legal.

It's one thing to copy music/movies/games for your own personal use, but when you start selling or handing them out on the street corner it's very illegal. This same concept applies here.



Sony owns the PS3 system and rights of it.  They created the PS3 system.  Therefore, they can set all teh rules they want.  If people don't like the rules a company sets on their own products, they should move to another system.  No one is stopping them.


As I've said other times, his modding was not the problem.  It was that the modding allowed for more piracy which is bad.  Also, piracy undermines work ethic.  People use the excuse of backing up stuff to mod and release cracks and such.  But in reality, they say this only for legal reasons.  In reality, their actions are supporing piracy.  Modding is not wrong.  It is when it can be used for wrong.  The same appleis to torrents and trackers.  They aren't wrong.  It's their primary usage that is the problem.  


As for consumer rights, if a person buys a movie then distributes it with friends by giving the disk and circulating it, that is fair.  Almost as if all your friends were watching it together at your house.  That isn't piracy.  But once such circulation gets outside a group of close friends, it is not for personal use anymore.  As long as a DVD or music CD is circulated within a circle of clsoe friends who could very likely just go to each otehr hosues to use content anyway, then it is personal use.  



One last thing, would Sony and other companeis put DRM and other restrictions if piracy didn't exist and people only used the content the bought for personal use?  No.  Companies wouldn't need DRM because everyone would buy content and use it only for personal use or with friends and relatives.  Companies would allow for modding and using stuff to full capabilities if such privleges weren't abused.  Sadly, people abused such freedom.



"Sony owns the PS3 system and rights of it.  They created the PS3 system.  Therefore, they can set all teh rules they want.  If people don't like the rules a company sets on their own products, they should move to another system.  No one is stopping them."

What about the people who already purchased a PS3 before they started changing it? It's not like they can just turn it in for a refund once Sony starts removing features they enjoyed. On top of it all there's no choice given to customers. If you don't accept the new service agreement and download the updates then your use of the device is limited. Basically you're saying that you don't care if a company screws you over? The customer has no rights and we should just be quiet about it? Idiot.



Put it this way - if the instructions were how to turn a PS3 into a plantholder, would you support Sony going after them because somebody MIGHT use the PS3 plantholder to grow pot?  Because that's the logical leap you're making here.  

Just because somebody modifies something they already own free & clear, then shows others how to do it, doesn't make those who exposed the flaw legally responsible for the POTENTIAL actions of random people.

That's ridiculous.  You don't see Honda going after chip modders, and the consequences of modifying a 2000 pound vehicle in a way the manufacturer did not intend are real and immediate.  Teams of lawyers weren't deployed to stop the people who authored instructions on how to get an SKS Carbine to accept high-capacity AK47 magazines.

So tell me again how I'm dense for supporting someone who released instructions on how to modify the software on a household appliance?



yeah I can't see the turning over of all his gear flying for to long sony are just pissed because they didn't think of the hack first then patch to prevent it


when I buy a piece of electronic equipment I don't expect the maker to tell me what I can and can't do with it, that'd be like zip saying oh you want to boil water in your new Zip 2011 kettle well sorry you can't and if you try we'll sue you and if you tell anyone else how to boil water in our kettles we'll sue you and take your water taps and kettle back



When will they learn not to piss off the very people that can hack/jailbreak their equipment?



He should just dump all his work on a Pentium I from a junkyard preserving timestamps and fudge the OS installation logs. Then he can turn it in if he ends up needing to "turn over all computing equipment that was used in the creation of the PS3 jailbreak."