Sony Expanding Legal Threats Over PS3 Hack



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I hadn't even thought about it before, but after reading this, I think I'm going to research how to do it and hack my own PS3 just to further piss them off.



You should post a link to the video.



If you really, really want to support freedom of speech, post a link to a Geohot mirror. I already have. Also, it would be even better if people would host mirrors of Geohot's hack. What is Sony going to do if the whole internet is against them? Die, that's what.



more they press, more it mushroom. Sony should blame their engineers for making their devices prone to hack. If they can't make the unhackable stuffs, I genuinely think they have no right to put restrictions on someone's knowledge which outsmarted them.  They should kick their engineers ass and sue them instead.

I'm totally against the illegal intentions. But if I pay for the stuff, I can either break or make it, it's my choice. not theirs. I can hack it, I can use it for many purposes other than illegal. This is why I friggin hate Apple and their products, SONY putting itself on that list. 

I'm not a gamer and don't own any console but It makes sense to say it's the beginnning of web tyranny when company acts like that.



This is disgusting on very many levels. I hereby promis that if google hands over peoples IPs who commented on the video that i will proxy up and repost the video and instructions in a web bomb so big that they will look like idiots for even trying to contain it.


Fuck sony.



Not anymore. 



I totally disagree with Sony's actions--this jailbreaking issue is not hurting them in any way--but those of you who are posting about your hacks or intent to hack, would find it in the best interests to hush because Sony is gathering IP addresses and information of people who post about intentions or reports of themselves hacking the PS3, and even viewing information as to how to hack (<-- not the case here)--as per Ars Technica and a few other sources. I think this is pretty low to begin with to issue an injunction to stop others from modifying THEIR OWN device, but Sony has stooped even lower. I don't disagree with the hacking and all that, but Sony is a piss-on company which will probably meet their fate through their stunts. They've done it before, they're doing it now, and they're going to keep doing it until they plead bankruptcy (due to CONSUMER ABANDONMENT). 



this is all, probably, a paranoid response to losing the console wars with the Xbox and Wii.

Let SONY rest-in-Peace....

I wont miss them. Maybe Microsoft will start pushing games again on the PC before all this console BS started.




I don't own a ps3, but if I did, I would hack it. I paid for a piece of hardware and will do with it as I please.

Maybe put Android on it.

Maybe turn it in to a google tv box.


Nope not going to waste my money, I own a PC!




Sony has got to relize, they are signing there own death warrent.. i'm so glad i have a xbox....


Michael Sorrentino

While Sony prosecuting everyone who merely veiwed the video/code is extreme they do have to protect their interests. Although at this point Sony it's a little late if I were you I'd spend that money your using to sue people to fund the production of the PS4.



Quick, someone release a computer worm that does one thing: plays the Youtube video.  Then Sony has to sue everyone, and everyone can claim it was the virus that did it.

The judge will toss Sony's lawyers out of the court so fast they will escape earth's gravity well and end up in orbit, around Saturn.



The longer this goes on, the more I just sit back and laugh. Sony's been bleeding money on their PS3 since it released, and this lawsuit is just burning away more of it. They're too stupid to even realize that the harder they try to stamp the hacks out, the further the flames spread.



Sony is not on the right track and hasn't been for quite a while.  I understand their attempts at protecting their product but it is causing their product to loose out in the end.  For example, I have an archos mp3 player because they encourage hacking and it plays almost any format right out of the box.  I actively look for products with large compatability and user customizations.  I don't like draconian copyright protection or file encryption when I own the file (songs, and movies)  Someone mentioned rootkits.  I bought a Velvet Revolver cd and when I discovered I had to install the Sony RK to rip the cd I took the cd back to wal-mart and got my money back.  I bought some music that had horrible DRM on it and got my money back.  User want open access to their files, media, and hardware!!!  I say boycott sony and all of their products.  Their walkman is DOA and so will their PSP junk.  Hack Hack and rehack!!! put linux on your ps3 and send sony an e-mail telling them you did it without help.  Btards!!!!!



Will I get into trouble just reading this or commenting ?  thats really stupid



Given Google's privacy policy there's no way in hell this is going down without a court order (won't happen). I don't think Sony even expects this to work; they're just bruteforcing possibilities and hoping for a lucky break.



Sony has done a plenty in the past to hack its customers off. The root kit fiasco was enough to make me quit buying Sony media. After this, I don't think I will ever own another Sony product.



Same here, im so pissed about this im tempted to call sony and ask them to take back my PS3.



if i purchase a piece of hardwre the FIRST thing i am going to do is reverse engineer it if i can afford to. So fuck sony and anyone else who is a slave to the machine.



Hey Sony

How are you feeling buddy?

I know it sucks to be hacked and have all that information on the interwebs.

Hate you tell you, but that information is freely available now. You can't stop it. might be good to forget about it and let it go.

Who knows, the internet might find a funny video of a cat and forget entirely about this little incident.



hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha i'm gonna comment on that video, Sony; FUUUUUUCCCCK YOU!



(Leans back in chair with a bag of popcorn)

This is going to be good!  Sony is going to fcuk themselves in the hiney on this one.  Dumb move.  I guess they're not releasing a successor to the PS3 anytine soon...



Ummmm.... I'm all for the freedom to run whatever software or applications you want on a piece of hardware you own, but are you forgetting that Geohot basically ruined online gameplay for most games?  Especially in Modern Warfare 2, almost EVERY game I enter now has wallhackers, aimbotters, superjumpers, etc.  People can even nuke all of your stats and unlocks that you work for hours on end to attain.

Hacking the iPhone was perfectly fine because there is no online community that would be at risk of being destroyed by H4XX0R5.  But hacking the PS3??? I mean, come on, he basically ruined PSN for good.  Also, what are the benefits of having homebrew on the PS3?  It just doesn't make sense.  Everything that homebrew programs can do on the PS3, applications on the PC are already doing.  It's just stupid.  Other OS is also completely useless.  USE A FUCKING PC, I don't understand why anyone would want to use an underpowered console as a computer.  NO FUCKING SENSE.  It's useless.

Lastly, do you guys honestly think that any of the PS3 hackers actually want to use it for legit homebrew and original applications??? FUCK NO!  All they want to do is pirate games.  Who in their right mind would publically announce that their intentions are to pirate software?  NO ONE that's who.  Hence the excuse that they just want teh homebrewz.  You all disgust me.  Geohot deserves every single punch from Sony.



Modern Warfare 2 was a buggy piece of shit anyway.  People were wallhacking, aimbotting, nuking stats, etc. long before any keys were released.



This is karma for removing 3rd-party OS support from the PS3.


The ghost of YellowDog's past says 'FU SONY' (with both fingers in the air)



As I said in my post, which I doubt you read fully, Other OS is COMPLETELY FUCKING USELESS.  Why would anyone use Linux on PS3, it serves no purpose.  If you have a PS3, 99.99% of the time, you have a PC.  So why would anyone in their right mind install Linux on their PS3?  Right, they wouldn't because it's stupid.  No one (except for a novelty factor) did or would use it.  

"Oh look guys, I have linux on my PS3.  I R SOOOOOO COOOOOOL LOLOLOLOLOLOL.  My geek cred is thru the r00f W00T.  Except I'll never use it except for a couple of hours after I first install it because I have a home PC that is 1000X better"



I was prepared to post a long insightful reply to your comments pointing out all of the reasons why your arguments are baseless.... Then I decided it would be totally pointless because you are an idiot and wouldn't even attempt to understand. So, keep on telling everyone how stupid they are for expecting to have full use of a product they paid for. And keep on blaming geohot for the rampant cheating on psn that has been around much longer than his hacks. And we will all keep laughing at your dumb ass.


Mighty BOB!

Quite obviously you aren't a power user.  You say the PS3 isn't a personal computer but I have some news for you, it IS a computer.  It has a processor, memory, storage, and graphics acceleration.  The only reason everyone doesn't already use it as a computer is because the software that comes with it doesn't allow for those functions since the intended market is geared only towards game and media consumption.  There is no inherent reason stopping the hardware from reaching its full potential except for Sony's ineptitude.


As an example from their competitor, Microsoft, the Kinect is a great piece of hardware that Microsoft hasn't embraced to its full potential either.  They've said that they do have some long-term plans to bring it to the PC, but they're completely satisfied to stagnate in that area and focus on console gimmicks while the hacking and modding community makes leaps and bounds ahead of them in using it as an interface device or even other crazy stuff like using one to remote-control a Roomba or even use two of them to construct 3D scenes in real-time.  The difference is that Microsoft is not acting like a total fool and suing the people with more creativity than them, unlike Sony.


Just because you have limited vision doesn't mean others are bound by that impairment.



i agree with "Mighty BOB!" on the creativity part



you dont have to repost the (fundamentaly) same comment twice, you said your pice and we herd you.

I wanted to use Linux on ps3 to run Boxee! i was hoping to use boxee live but other os was removed before a release came out. i have 2 computers and a PS3, most of my gaming is done on computer. i got the PS3 for a few select titles and to use as a media box for my living room. with all the problems i have had i wish i never bought the thing! re-setting up network settings after each update and getting it to recognize my media server, problems with Netflix, not being able to watch Hulu without premium membership, the crappy browser, removing other os, no backwards compatibility, installing a backdoor, and there whole attitude towards there customers is appalling. PSN can run anti-cheat software just like any other platform, that's not an excuse, and cheating on PSN has been around a lot longer than this hack.

Now that its hacked i cant wait for someone to release full function Linux drivers for it, maybe than we can put android on it lol.


P.S. the reason other os sucked is because it ran in an emulation layer with no access to hardware for acceleration! Geohotz hack solved part of that problem, the linux comunity will make short work of the rest.



Thank you for that post. 



Dear Sony,








I'm selling my ps3 because of sony's actions toward GeoHot. Buy it on craigslist if you'd like it.



Sony is ridiculous and they'll get nary a penny from me.

I'm f__king tired of buying products that aren't really mine. I miss the good old days when I could buy a record and tape it as many times as I needed to.

Now we have crap like this and DRMed digital content. 

Sony's understanding of the concept of ownership defies reason and sanity.

There's a reason why their console is in dead-last place (behind the Wii and X-Box 360) : IT SUCKS. It's just a BluRay player with a few games and bad online service.



I dont even own a PS3 and this pisses me off, who the hell does sony think they are, if I buy it, It now belongs to me to root, hack, jail break, or what ever i feel

They think there the only game in town? f.... sony I haven't bought a sony product in years, hope LG sues them good



It's DeCSS all over again. The more things change...

The irony of it all is, I was actually considering buying a PS3 due to its newfound homebrew-ability.  Then Sony had to remind everyone that they're Sony.  So yeah, 360 it is.