Sony Will Get to Inspect PS3 Hacker's Data

Ryan Whitwam

Noted hardware hacker George Hotz was in court again today in the ongoing case of the PS3 jailbreak . Sony sued Hotz (or Geohot is you like) after he developed a hack that allowed users to install any software they like on the PS3 console. They are citing DMCA violations. The hearing today was to decide whether or not Hotz would be forced to turn over his computer equipment to Sony for inspection.

The judge ruledthat Hotz would indeed have to let Sony paw through his data.It's not all bad news though. By court order, Sony is allowed only to inspect the data related to the PS3 jailbreak. To those ends, Sony and Hotz's legal team will have to work out a time and place where Sony can go over his system. The court also rescinded an order that Hotz reclaim the code from anyone he might have sent it to. The judge was apparently unaware that the data has been copied many times when issuing the order

Sony is asking for unspecified damages. Who do you think is going to come out on top?

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