Sony Waves Goodbye to VAIO PC, Will Now Focus on Mobile

Paul Lilly

VAIO PCs didn't fit in with Sony's reform strategy

There's a good chance you may never see a new Vaio PC sold in the United States ever again. We're not necessarily jumping to that conclusion, though it's a strong possibility since Sony just agreed to sell its Vaio PC business to Japan Industrial Partners Inc. , a Japanese investment firm. By getting rid of its Vaio division, Sony frees itself up to focus on mobile, and specifically smartphones and tablets.

Terms and conditions of the deal are still being worked out with both sides aiming to have all the paperwork filled out next month. Once the Vaio name officially changes hands, Sony says it expects the new owners to concentrate on sales of consumer and corporate PCs in the Japanese market "while evaluating possible further geographic expansion."

Saying goodbye to its Vaio PC business is just one part of Sony's aggressive "reform strategy," which extends across all of its electronic businesses. There will be some layoffs associated with the transfer, along with Sony's TV business being turned into a wholly owned subsidiary by July 2014.

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