Sony Unwittingly Retweets PlayStation 3 Jailbreak Code

Paul Lilly

Oh Sony, how silly can you be? The PlayStation 3 maker has been stirring up quite the stink over the online publishing of PS3 jailbreak code that allows unsigned software to run. In its attempt to put the genie back in the bottle, Sony's been threatening to sue anyone who posts links to the code, but that's only the beginning. Did you watch the YouTube video made by PS3 hacker George Hotz, or even just comment on it? If so, Sony wants to know. In an ironic twist, Sony should considering suing itself.

You know Kevin Butler, the fictional Director of Rumor Confirmation, VP of First Person Shooter Relations, and other made-up positions at Sony? Well, Sony also created a Twitter account for its marketing figure, and whoever's in charge of it made the mistake of retweeting the very jailbreak code Sony has been trying so hard to erase from the Internet, Engadget reports.

The tweet was originally sent to Kevin Butler by Travis La Marr (@exiva). @TheKevinButler responded by saying, "Lemme guess... you sank my Battleship?," and proceeded to retweet the code. Oops! It didn't take long for news of the blunder to spread and for the message to be removed. But does this mean we'll have to add "Defendant" to Kevin Butler's list of positions?

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