Sony to Devs: PSP2 as Powerful as a PS3

Paul Lilly

Everyone's talking about Nintendo's upcoming 3DS console, but there's another handheld on the horizon: Sony's PSP2. Sure, the PSP2 is a 2D device, but what it lacks in 3D functionality, it makes up for in performance.

According to MCV magazine , Sony is telling developers that its PSP2 "is as powerful as the PlayStation 3."

If true, the PSP2 bodes well for the future of handheld gaming and could help keep dedicated portable consoles relevant as increasingly powerful smartphones carve out a slice of the mobile gaming market. It's also proof that Sony Ericsson's Xperia phone (aka PlayStation Phone) isn't a sign that Sony's moving away from dedicated handheld gaming systems.

Sony will officially announce the PSP2 at a press event in Tokyo on January 27th. According to MCV, Sony plans to launch the device in December.

Image Credit: Sony

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