Sony SmartWatch 2 is Water-Resistant, Supports NFC

Paul Lilly

Telling time is but one of many tricks Sony's SmartWatch 2 knows

Contrary to popular belief, there's still a market for wristwatches, though admittedly they're probably not nearly as common now that smartphones and features phones rule the day. Rather than compete with your smartphone for your time, Sony's new SmartWatch 2 works with your Android-powered device and acts as a second display. Of course, you can use it to simply keep track of time, but there's so much else it can do.

It's all about the apps, and there's a bunch of dedicated software available. You can answer or reject phone calls, take photos remotely from the SmartWatch 2, manipulate presentations using Presentation Pal, read email, listen to music, and a whole lot more. There are over 200 apps specifically developed for the SmartWatch.

"Competitors are only now launching first generation devices, while we are already launching a 3rd generation device with all the insight gained from over half a million customers combined with Sony’s wealth of technology expertise to create the best ever smartwatch experience," Stefan K. Persson, Head of Companion Products at Sony Mobile Communications, points out .

A few new features to the SmartWatch 2 include NFC connectivity, better visibilty in sunlight, longer battery life, a more intuitive interface, standalone watch functionality, and a few other odds and ends. It's also water-resistant, Sony says.

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