Sony to Shut Down Reader Store Next Month

Paul Lilly

Reader Store customers will transfer to Kobo

Just a few months after selling off its Vaio PC division, Sony will further reduce costs by shutting down its Reader Store . It will close for good on June 16, 2014, up to which time you can continue to shop and make purchases at the Reader Store. That may seem like a silly thing to do with a closure just more than a month away, however Sony says you'll receive an email from Kobo with a personalized link that will allow you to transfer your library over.

"In some cases, your eBooks purchased from Reader Store may not be available from Kobo. While a vast majority of your library will be available from the more than 4 million titles available at Kobo, we recommend that you download all of your eBooks to ensure that should one of your titles be unavailable, you can continue to read this eBook in the future," Sony said in a statement on its Reader Store website.

Be advised that some features won't carry over to Kobo, such as highlights and wish lists. Credit balances will also go the way of the dodo, so if you have any store credit or vouchers, you'll want to use them up before June 16.

For more information, see Sony's Reader Store Closure FAQ .

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