Sony Set to Sizzle This Summer with Playstation 3 Movie Download Service


When Blu-ray won the high-definition format war, Sony's Playstation 3 transformed from a high priced console into a viable living room entertainment console, but it lacked the video download infrastructure that Microsoft could boast with its Xbox Live Marketplace. Not anymore. Sony CEO Howard Stringer spoke out on the company's goal to rollout it's new video service across a varity of products through 2010, and it all starts with the PS3 this summer.

Microsoft may have beaten Sony to the punch, but expect Sony Pictures to play a major role in ensuring a healthy dose of HD content from the get-go. As Arstechnica points out , don't be surprised to see popular movies and television shows like Hancock and The Shield appear on the service sooner rather than later. And should Michael Bay's conspiracy theory prove wrong, Sony's PS3 still has its Blu-ray player to fall back on.

Image Credit: Sony

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