Sony Scrambles to Plug PS3 Root Key Hole, Will Use Serial Keys for Games

Paul Lilly

In an effort to curtail piracy and thwart any damage that might result from the recent public posting of security codes for the PlayStation 3 console. Sony plans to introduce a serial key system for its games, TechEye reports .

Earlier this month, George Hotz and a band of programmers associated with a hacking group called "fail0verflow" drew Sony's ire by uncovering and publishing root keys for the PS3. Sony's initial response was to take legal action against Hotz and more than 100 others it claims were involved, but there's still the problem of such keys now being public knowledge.

These root keys are used to verify that a game is genuine, and with that knowledge, hackers and pirates can essentially trick the console into recognizing counterfeit software as the real deal. With the new system in place, upcoming games will ship with unique serial keys specific to that Blu-ray disc, which the user will then have to enter into the PS3. If this sounds at all familiar, then you must be a PC gamer.

Citing an un-named source, PS3-Sense says Sony has already updated the PS3's firmware in preparation for this new verification system.

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