Sony Rumored to be Prepping 17.7MP Smartphone Camera Sensor

Ryan Whitwam

According to CrunchGear, Sony may be preparing to step up the image quality of smartphone and point-and-shoot cameras with a new 17.7MP CMOS sensor . It's not just the crazy-high resolution of the sensor that makes this imaging gear special, the sensor is reportedly able to "convert multiple pixels into single pixels simultaneously" making image compression 75% faster, reports The Nikkei.

The new CMOS imager has a processing speed of 34.8Gbps, which is five times faster than Sony's last generation cameras. This is necessary because the device boasts that ability to shoot video at full resolution at 120FPS. Of course, the device it is imbedded in would have to be capable as well, but even if it isn't, the extra speed could go towards things like continuous still shooting.

There has been no official word from Sony on this possible image sensor. But the company has traditionally been a dominant force in the CMOS market, owning about 70% of it. We'd love to see this sensor in action, but more megapixels doesn't necessarily mean a better image. Only time will tell.

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