Sony Releases "Mandatory" PlayStation 3 System Software Update


In a blog post on Wednesday, Eric Lempel, Director of Sony's PlayStation Network Operations, announced a "mandatory update" (version 3.30) which he says will be available shortly. Most of the added features have to do with sorting options within Trophies, including:

  • Trophy Enhancements: It's now easier to sort trophies in the Trophy Collection and Comparing Trophy sections.
  • Trophy Folder (Title List): this can be sorted by game name or title according to teh date in which they were earned
  • Add-on List (Group List): can be sorted by original/the date in which yu earned your last trophy (ascending/descending)
  • Trophy List: can be sorted by original/trophy name/grade/date of obtaining the trophy (ascending/descending)
The update also readies the PS3 console for some upcoming features, most notably 3D stereoscopic gaming "which is coming soon to the PS3."

This is the Sony's second firmware upgrade in less than a month, and it's interesting that this latest one is being described as mandatory. On April 1st, Sony released firmware version 3.21, which was primarily to kill off the "Install Other OS" feature. While this was an optional update, users who opted not to install it would lose key features, such as the ability to sign in to the PlayStation Network.

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