Sony Posts Troubleshooting Guide for Bricked PlayStation 4 Consoles

Paul Lilly

Sony offers up some tips for bringing a bricked PS4 back to life

We're not trying to beat a dead horse here, but there certainly exists a problem with an unknown number of recently released PlayStation 4 consoles that's prevented affected units from booting up. Following a mountain of online complaints and media attention over the issue, Sony has come out and confirmed that there are PS4s exhibiting the so-called "Blue Light of Death" (BLoD) syndrome.

According to Sony, blinking blue lights could be indicative of TV compatibility, issues with the power supply, issues with the hard drive, or issues with other PS4 hardware, among other things. The bottom line is, a blinking blue light that stays that way means there's something wrong.

Sony posted an extensive troubleshooting guide on its support forum offering up tips on how to fix a PS4 that appears to be broken. Some of the steps include reseating the hard drive, attempting a boot into Safe Mode, checking cables for damage, and more.

If you own one of the affected models, give the guide a once-over and see if there's anything in there that helps solve the issue.

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