Sony PlayStation 3 Turns 5 Years Old, Resists Retirement

Paul Lilly

A barely belated 'Happy birthday' goes out to Sony's PlayStation 3 game console, which turned 5 years old yesterday (or a week ago today if you prefer to celebrate its Japan launch rather than its release in the U.S.). The PS3 has been through a few changes since it debuted half a decade ago and shed much of its baby fat, but is mostly the same console overall.

"Just think — our beloved black box was born into a primordial world where online multiplayer modes were the exception, not the rule; HDDs were a side option for game consoles, not a standard feature; standard-def DVDs were the only choice for home video; and Nathan Drake wasn’t a household name. It’s unthinkable!," Sony stated in a blog post .

Nearly seven years passed in between the launch of Sony's PS2 (March 2000) and PS3, and just over five years from the PS1 (December 1994) to the PS2. It's anyone's guess when the next PlayStation (PS4?) will launch; many rumors have it pegged for a 2012 release, and while that's very likely, Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News isn't buying it.

"Don't expect a PlayStation 4 next year, because at the moment, the PS brand is making a monster 3D push," Samuel says. "The highlight of the push? Next week's PlayStation-branded 3D monitor, a 24-inch LED powerhouse of a screen that delivers some pretty impressive 1080p picture and signals the company's overarching commitment to 3D."

Samuel might be onto something. Sony's is the only console with a Blu-ray player, despite a million and one rumors since the Xbox 360's launch that it too would be getting one. And with 3D capability already injected into the PS3, it's easy to see Sony being in no rush to push out another console.

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