Sony Plans to Launch Vaio P Follow-up by Year's End

Pulkit Chandna

PC manufacturers still haven’t arrived at a consensus as to what is a netbook. Sony’s perception of a netbook manifested itself in the form of the Vaio P earlier in the year. With the launch of the Vaio P, the Japanese giant prolonged its time-honored tradition of setting outrageous prices for its products. However, Sony has tried to justify Vaio P’s exorbitant price, which starts at $900, by deliberately referring to it as an ultra-portable as opposed to a netbook.

Now, Sony is said to have informed technology website TechRadar about the future of the P series. Yes, the Vaio P does have a future. The second device in the P series will be launched later this year . Sony has promised a much improved boot-up time this time around. There is no word on its innards as yet.

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