Sony, HTC Unlikely Allies; Both to Push PlayStation Certified Program

Paul Lilly

Mobile gaming apparently lends itself to strange bedfellows, like HTC reportedly signing on to promote Sony's PlayStation Certified program. And in doing so, HTC finds itself as the only non-Sony entity to secure certification, which it will use to its advantage in the mobile handset market, or at least attempt to. It's not as though companies are beating down Sony's door for a PlayStation Certified stamp of approval.

Nevertheless, CNet reports HTC is Sony's newest ally, further reinforcing that the handset maker isn't afraid to branch out of its comfort zone, like focusing on audio with a Beats license. As for gaming, HTC's One series of smartphones will introduce PlayStation certification to HTC's fold, giving owners of those devices the ability to download and play games from Sony's PlayStation Store.

While nothing has been announced, it's conceivable HTC could launch a gaming-centric smartphone with built in game controls. The challenge for HTC is to make sure such a device doesn't follow the same fate as the poorly received Xperia Play.

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