Sony Freshens Up Vaio Series with New Color and Hardware Options

Paul Lilly

Sony today announced a bit of a Spring refresh for its Vaio Z laptop line, which is really more like a post-CES refresh here in the States where Spring doesn't officially kick off for about another two months. Timing and verbiage aside, Sony's tweaked Vaio Z laptops represent a minor refresh that begins with a new color option -- Carbon Fiber Silver -- and continues with an optional 4G LTE mobile broadband upgrade.

The Carbon Silver SKU joins Carbon Black, Carbon Gold, and Premium Carbon Black (matte) as color options. Inside Vaio Z laptops are upgraded Core i5 and i7 processor options and RAID 0 solid state drives (SSDs). Sony's Vaio Z line is still highlighted by Sony's Power Media Dock drive, an external docks that houses an optical drive and GPU. Pricing for Vaio Z laptops start at $1,950.

"Now technically we’re calling this a “refresh' however with spec changes like this, one could consider this a healthy upgrade 'from the already massively spec’d out power house of the VAIO line," Sony said in a blog post .

Sony also announced new CPU options for its S Series. Designed for students, 13-inch and 15-inch S Series laptops are available with up to Core i7 processors, up to 1TB of storage, and quad RAID 0 technology. The S Series also includes Hybrid Graphics and IPS display technology for superior image reproduction and better viewing angles.

Image Credit: Sony

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