Sony Forges Deal with Google to Help Push Chrome Browser


It's been about a year since Google first launched Chrome, and while the minimalistic (in terms of interface) browser brought forth some innovative features and architectural advantages over competing browsers, it hasn't been able to touch Microsoft's Internet Explorer market share. Google's hoping a new distribution deal with Sony will help change that.

As part of the deal, Sony will ship Chrome on new Vaio PCs. But it doesn't stop with Sony. Google is also in talks with other computer makers to strike similar agreements in an effort to promote its browser, as well as a potential deal to make Chrome available to users who download the RealPlayer software. TV advertising is also in the works.

Google claims the sudden effort to push Chrome to the masses is to prevent Microsoft's dominance from holding back development and ensuring that browser technology evolves as fast as it can. But there are financial implications at risk as well. In Bing, Microsoft finally has what could turn out to be a viable alternative to Google's search business. If Chrome were to truly challenge Internet Explorer in the browser wars, it would go a long ways towards staving off Bing.

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