Sony Finally Profiting from PlayStation 3 Console Sales


It might not be much, but after four years, Sony has finally begun flipping a profit on each PlayStation 3 console it sells. It took several hardware revisions to get to this point, and now that it has, the company can begin focusing on recouping some of its hardware losses, though it's unlikely Sony will break even.

That won't stop the console maker from trying, however, as rumor has it Sony would like to extend the PS3's retail lifespan for a few more years. That will depend, in part, on what the competition is cooking up for the next round of console wars, but it's worth mentioning that Sony recently released firmware that adds 3D-capability to the PS3. Combined with the integrated Blu-ray player, the PS3 is in solid shape to stay relevant beyond tomorrow.

And then there's the whole motion control bonanza. Between Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's Move technology, both console makers appear content to ride their current hardware for at least a little while longer.

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