Sony Falls in Line with Reader Price Cuts

Paul Lilly

Call it the snowball effect from Apple's iPad launch, if you will, because one after another we're seeing ebook reader makers drop the price of their hardware.

With tablets clearly ready to encroach on ebook hardware territory, Barnes & Noble quickly slashed the price of its Nook reader from $259 to $199, while simultaneously launching an even lower priced Wi-Fi only model for $149. Hours later, Amazon responded with a price cut of its own , dropping the Kindle from $259 to $189. And then on July 1, Amazon slashed the cost of its Kindle DX from $489 to $379.

Now the snowball has crashed through Sony's camp, which went and quietly dropped the price of its entire line of ebook readers. Here's how it all breaks down:

  • Pocket Edition: $149 (down from $169)
  • Touch Edition: $169 (down from $199)
  • Daily Edition: $299 (down from $349)
  • Pocketbook 360: $199 (down from $239)
  • Pocketbook 301: $219 (down from $279)
  • Pocketbook 302: $279 (down from $339)

This puts Sony in better position to compete with the competition, but is it enough? At $149, the Pocket Edition won't break the bank, but it doesn't have Wi-Fi like B&N's Nook.

With all the recent price cuts, do you plan on picking up and ebook reader? If so, which one?

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