Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 Shots Leaked to the Web

Paul Lilly

Some time ago Sony Ericcson was supposed to build a Windows Phone 7 device, but those plans were put on hold when Sony Ericcson got cold feet about the risk of "standardizing" its smartphones. A year later, some blurry pictures of a supposed Sony Ericcson Windows Phone 7 device surfaced at Lizhecome , a Chinese blog site. Could this be the real deal?

It's hard to tell. Rumor has it that Sony Ericcson did at one time produce a prototype WP7 smartphone, and the phone captured in the leaked photos is clearly labeled a prototype. It's also sporting an older version of the WP7 UI, so this could be nothing more than new pics of an old device.

At the same time, Sony Ericcson, which is primarily focused on Android smartphones these days, did mention at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year that it isn't tying itself down to just one operating system.

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