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Sony's E3 press conference at Culver City Studios begins now. Read on (and keep refreshing) for constant, liveblogged updates.

11:35: Sony's stoked about Playstation Home, the price cut for the 40GB PS3, as well as the 80GB PS3 (w/Motorstorm). 50 titles in the presentation today. We get to play games later today after presentation.

11:40: PS2 is a big success, and remains a viable platform, with 10 million units shipped in 2007. 160 new games coming to PS2 in 2007. Not spending much time on PS2, going straight to PSP.

11:42: Lots of PSP titles coming, no one seems very excited. Syphon Filter: logan's Shadow looks pretty good. God of War looks awesome, like PS2 version. Silent Hill: Origins looks interesting as well. Patapon looks like the kind of weird quirky Japanese game that I typically really enjoy. Lots of tiny little guys doing battle against other tiny little guys.

11:48: The big trailer reel is still going. We've seen probably fifteen games so far, in big franchises. The new Castlevania game for PSP looks really nice. Still haven't seen any PS3 stuff though. The reel is done, and I think we're going to see more. Now we're looking at the Playstation Home, This looks like it could be cool, but I'm not actually sure why anyone would ever do this. It just seems goofy. They're making virtual burgers, but I haven't seen any in-game achievements or anything shown. Kaz Hirai just took the stage.

11:50: New PSP, 33% lighter, 19% slimmer, better battery. Faster loading of games, and can output high-quality video. You can hook it up to your TV so everyone can see what you're doing on screen with Bravia TVs (maybe others as well?). You can output video from the PSP to the big TV as well. I just wonder why anyone would want this?

11:55: Remote Play - you can access media files on your PS3 from your PSP when you're on the road. This is actually pretty cool, but only if they get more content on the Playstation Network. PSP will come in different colors in the US, not just black. Ice Silver color, in an enterntainment bundle (with a bunch of different crap, including a big media card). Chewbacca brought out the Star Wars Battlefront entertainment pack. Star Wars PSP will be available in October for $200.

12:00: Playstation Network is next. There have been 20 million downloads on the service since launch, that's kind of weak. More games coming for the PS network. Phil Harrison is on stage now. 80 games in development for launch on Playstation Network between now and March 08. First look at echochrome, a low graphics, high gameplay puzzle game. It's all wooden posing models, You shift the perspective of the world to make the little guy walk where he needs to, hiding a hole behind geometry makes it actually go away. This looks very interesting.

12:05: Wipeout HD, Pain, and games that will be both downloadable and on Blu-ray, Warhawk and Socom. Pain is basicallly a ragdoll destruction game, where you fire your dude across a map willed with tons of pitfalls that will cause your little dude a ton of pain. Basically, it's the fun parts from the Sims, with physics.

12:08: Sadly, I'm running low on battery. I'll recharge and finish if I run out of juice before it's done. They have Playstation Home running on cell phones now. He's getting ready to do some cool wireless mojo, I bet. The home square (replacing the lounge) gives you access to social gaming aspects. New spaces look pretty good, but I still don't get it. Looks like there are interfaces for some games, like SingStar.

12:10: SingStore lets you buy new tracks online to sing. The developer just described it as iTunes meets Myspace. Wow. Photo Phil took of the crowd showed up in his home automatically after a few moments. You can also take home experience to a website accessible on PCs.

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