Sony Director Unboxes and Tears Down PlayStation 4 Console in Detailed Video

Paul Lilly

A fantastic look at all the parts of Sony's upcoming game console

New product releases are almost always shrouded in mystery, as if sharing details about a particular electronic device will upset some unseen force and cause the planet to implode. We understand a company wanting to protect its IP, but firms often go way overboard with secrecy, refusing to share even the simplest of details. Sony has been guilty of this on occasion, but not today. What started off as an unboxing video by Sony director Yasuhiro Ootori turned into a full blown autopsy of the PlayStation 4 .

Big time props go out to the crew at for making the trek to Sony's headquarters in Tokyo and sharing a pair of videos giving a detailed teardown (and explanation) of the company's unreleased game console. What makes the teardown video so unique is that hardly anyone outside of Sony's tight circle of PS4 engineers has ever seen the inside of the console, and now the entire world gets to see it taken apart.

It's the first teardown of the PS4 and there's an interpreter on hand to translate Ootori's commentary into English. While you're watching the video, you can't help but feel like it's something you're not supposed to see, not yet anyway, and certainly not from Sony in this kind of detail, yet there it is.

Have a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

And here's another video talking about the hardware:

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