Sony Cuts The Price of Tablet S Lineup By $100

Maximum PC Staff

Assuming that the laws of modern day economics didn’t completely change over with the New Year, we can only assume that Sony’s decision to cut $100 off the price of its Tablet S is something of a bad sign for market demand. We just got word that the 16GB model can now be had for a mere $400 , or you can step up to the 32GB edition for $500. Finding stock also doesn’t seem to be an issue.

The price cut wasn’t completely unexpected given intense competition in the “non iPad” tablet market these days, but it does make you wonder if Sony will find the segment profitable enough in the long run to justify further development of the lineup. $400 isn’t much of a fire sale, but at the very least it puts some distance between Asus’s new Transformer Prime, and of course Apple’s 800-pound gorilla.

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