Sony CEO Slips Up, Reveals Secret Partnership with Apple

Paul Lilly

Sometimes loose lips sink ships, and other times they reveal details about unreleased products, like the iPhone 5. That's what Sony CEO Howard Stringer did in a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg, in which Stringer let it be known that Sony is supplying the image sensor for Apple's upcoming iPhone 5. It was an inadvertent slip that, if you read between the lines, provides a couple of interesting tidbits regarding Apple's next smartphone.

Stringer made the slip when discussing the recent earthquake in Japan. He said the earthquake damaged 15 of Sony's factories in Japan, which he inadvertently followed up by saying that a camera sensor in one of those plants would be delayed in getting to Apple.

It "always puzzles me," Stringer said . "Why would I make Apple the best camera?"

That's as close as Stringer came to confirming that Sony is building an 8-megapixel image sensor for Apple's iPhone 5, which is close enough considering Sony doesn't currently build any image sensors for Apple. And as CNN points out, this assumption is reinforced by an earlier report suggesting that Apple might move away from OmniVision for its iPhone cameras because OmniVision's 8MP sensor wouldn't be ready in time for the iPhone 5's launch.

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