Sony Can't Keep Up with PlayStation Vita Complaints

Paul Lilly

So much for a smooth roll out. Sony launched its PlayStation Vita handheld console in Japan over the weekend and is already being inundated with phone calls from frustrated gamers dialing in to complain about various issues from system crashes and lockups, to unresponsive touchscreens. The number of complaints doesn't bode well for the Vita.

According to a BBC News report, Sony issued an apology on its PlayStation site after tech support inquiries flooded its phone lines.

"Currently, our information center regarding PlayStation Vita as well as our usual customer service center are receiving many inquiries. We apologize if your phone isn't connected straight away," Sony said in a statement, according to BBC News.

Sony goes on to list some "simple procedures" PlayStation Vita owners can try at home, such as holding the power button for five seconds if it fails to start up.

According to BBC News, local reports in Japan peg the number of Vita sales at around 300,000 in the first two days since launch, and perhaps more than 320,000. For the sake of comparison, Nintendo sold 371,000 3DS devices during its launch weekend in February, though sales quickly slowed down afterward.

The PlayStation Vita will launch stateside on February 22, 2012. It's available for pre-order starting at $250.

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