Sonomax Debuts Custom-made Earbuds at a Mass Market Price Point

Michael Brown

Crave the custom fit you get with a pair of custom-made in-hear headphones, but blanche at the $1K price tag attached to something like JH Audio’s incredible JH|13 ? The new Sonomax Sculpted Eers promise to deliver a true custom fit at a fraction of the price.

This device is the fitting system that you'll wear in the store while the earbuds are fit to your ear canals. The silicone material used to fabricate the tips expands inside your ear, creating a perfect fit in four minutes and retaining that shape permanently.

Don Sonomax’s new SonoFit Custom Fitting System at a participating retailer and it will produce a set of silicon ear tips molded to the interior of your ear canal in just four minutes. Manufacturing custom ear buds in the traditional way requires a trip to an audiologist for a custom mold that’s sent to the manufacturer, and a week or two wait for your buds to be fabricated.

Sonomax will be offering two retail products: the PCS-100 is a single-driver model that will sell for $200, and the PCS-200 is a dual-driver model that will sell for $300. Sonomax hasn’t announced any retail partners yet, so don’t run out looking for these today, but the technology certainly looks promising. Look for our hands-on review soon.

The earbuds themselves resemble most other mid-range in-ear headphones.

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