Some T-Mobile G2 Owners Reporting Hinge and Storage Issues

Ryan Whitwam

There are inevitably going to be issues when a new phone comes out, and the new T-Mobile G2 is no exception . Of the lucky customers that pre-ordered the handset, some have been seeing some troubling issues with the unique hinge system that open to reveal the QWERTY keyboard. Apparently, on a number of units, the screen is very loose, even hanging open if the phone is held upside down. This can also allow the screen to snap shut if held to close to vertical while open.

The other issue being reported is that some phones are missing some of the promised 4GB of internal ROM storage. These phones are instead shipping with only 2GB of ROM space. Curiously, this is the configuration used in the phone's European doppelganger, the Desire Z. Could HTC have mixed up some system boards? Are we just looking at some defective chips?

Even knowing that these sort of sporadic complaints happen with new hardware, does this affect your buying decisions? Let us know if you have an early G2, and how it's working for you.

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