Some Charter Customers in St. Louis Report Free Speed Bump to 100Mbps

Paul Lilly

More than three times faster Internet service for no additional cost? Yes, please!

Charter Communications is building up some good will for itself in the St. Louis area, or so it would seem. Several Charter customers report having their base broadband service increased from 30Mbps to 100Mbps this week for free . It's not clear if Charter intends to roll out the same speed upgrade to other parts of the country (a forum users says it's limited to St. Louis), but as far as St. Louis goes, this appears to be a planned speed bump.

"Asked an agent about the speed increase in my area from 30Mbps to 100Mbps -- this is only for St. Louis customers and it is happening on June 10th," a DSLReports forum user posted back in May . "I have confirmed the 100Mbps three times. They have been rolling these upgrades out on Tuesday I have seen, so this must be true. We will see in two and a half weeks. So excited."

More recently, Nathan Kirsch over at Legit Reviews said he reset his modem on June 10th, and sure enough, his Internet service jumped from 30Mbps to 100Mbps (uploads stayed the same at 4Mbps).

"This is a pretty nice increase for free, so if you are in the St. Louis area you might want to power cycle your DOCSIS 3.0 cable model and see if you can get the new 100Mbps service with a speed test," Kirsch says .

According to Kirsch, Charter Ultra 100 customers are getting a speed increase to 120Mbps. That's not nearly as exciting as the more than three-times speed bump that base customers are getting, though he also claims that Charter Ultra 100 customers will see more speed improvements as time goes on.

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