Solar Powered Laptop Concept an Interesting Idea (for Those on the West Coast)

Paul Lilly

We've seen solar powered watches, keyboards, and a whole assortment of gadgets that draw power from sunlight. You can even deck out your home with solar panels as a way of cutting down on your energy bill, though the upfront cost is significantly higher than picking up a piece of electronics equipment already designed to swipe energy from the sun. One area where Fujitsu thinks solar power makes a lot of sense is in laptops, hence the company's new Luce concept.

Fujitsu's Luce laptop is armed with two solar panels, including one on the laptop's lid and another positioned below the touch-sensitive keyboard. The design is such that the Luce would capture sunlight both when closed and not in use, and when opened up while you're hammering out a TPS report. The laptop itself is made from clear polycarbonate and sports an OLED display.

Everything else about the Luce is a mystery, including whether the design actually works, and if so, how well it does. Depending on what you're using one for and what hardware sits inside, a notebook can potentially consume a boatload of power. It's also unclear if Fujitsu's Luce concept would be able to pull energy from indoor lighting the way Logitech's Solar Keyboard can. If not, those who live areas of the country with distinct seasons -- and in particular areas with long winters -- the Luce would have a tough time finding an audience.

Image Credit: Fujitsu

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